Fishing the Metolius River

The Metolius river is one of the most beautiful rivers in the US with crystal clear and always cold waters. The Metolius is broken into a couple different sections; 12 miles of the river above Bridge 99 is fly fishing only, while the lower section is open for more than just fly fishing - either way this entire stretch is one of the most scenic places to fish in Central Oregon.

Metolius River Fishing Regulations

  • Open all year below Allingham Bridge.
  • Open May 22 – Oct 31 above Allingham Bridge.
  • Catch-and-release for trout.
  • Fly fishing only, barbless hooks required upstream of Bridge 99.
  • All tributaries are closed with the exception of Lake Creek. (Lake Creek is managed under Central Zone Regulations)

Be sure to check the Fishing Regulations and Emergency Rules  for this area.

Metolius River Weather

Fishing Maps of the Metolius River

Our Metolius River fishing maps show areas we love to fish. If you've never fished here before these are great places to start.

Metolius River Recommended Flies

The flies we've listed below are some of the locals favorites for this section of the water. If you're interested in learning to tie these flies, we've included links to show you how!

Metolius River Stocking Schedule

Stocking Month (2020)Total Fish Stocked

Metolius River Fishing Reports

There's nothing better than community based reports from people that are on the water! If you're seeing reports from local fly shops and guides please take some time to visit their shops or websites!

Community Reports

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Local Fly Shop and Guide Reports

January 8, 2020 - Access is still wide open on the Metolius, and while there has been a fair amount of pressure there is room for anglers to spread out. Whether you’re looking for Rainbows or Bulls nymphing is the most effective way to find fish right now. Big Stoneflies, October Caddis, and various Mayfly nymphs are all producing …

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December 16, 2019 - Twas the week before Christmas, and all through the river, creatures were stirring, even Mr. Bull Trout. The streamers were tied each night, sitting by the stove, in hopes that a Bull Trout would soon light our fire. The anglers were nestled all snug in their beds, with visions of big fish dancing in their … Continue reading Metolius River Fishing report 12/16/19

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December 7, 2019 - We've been seeing an afternoon hatch of mostly BWO's, but a couple of days ago there were some small yellow stoneflies, some grey caddis and some straggler cinygmula's hatching. Fish were rising to the BWO's mostly, but there were a few crushing rise forms that indicated maybe there were a few fish eating the stones. … Continue reading Metolius River fishing report 12/7/19

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written by George Conlan

November 26, 2019 - The Met is my go to for winter fishing, the Kokanne have finished their spawn and the whitefish are begging theirs. Small pale yellow or orange egg patterns will be a good bet for the next couple of weeks as the spawn continues. The trout will stack up behind spawning white fish and pick off …

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Fishing Spots near Metolius River

Be sure to check out nearby fishing spots, they're less than 15 miles away from Metolius River!