river Information and Fishing Maps

The Pacific Northwest is full of rivers that are great to fish. While some are remote destinations that draws people from all over the US, some can be found in the middle of cities. We'll do our best to list the regulations for the current year, access and boating information, and confirmed spots that produce fish.

If you're looking for places to fish in Oregon, the Crooked River is a great river for new fly fishers. It contains a great wading environment where you learn the basics without being in danger as common holes are gradual rather than sudden and the flow of the river is manageable for kids. The river is open year around for fishing, with the best fly fishing an 8 mile stretch between Bowman Dam (Prineville Reservoir) to Mile Marker 8 towards Prineville.

The fall river is extremely clear water and the fish are familiar with common fishing tactics; it's stealth or bust on this river. In fact, it's so clear that you're hardly fishing - you're hunting with a fly. There's plenty of different methods that can work, but it's definitely one of the most trying rivers in the area. The Fall river is beautiful; there's a lot of downed trees, which makes this perfect for small terrestrial flies.

The Lower Deschutes is one of the best rivers to fish for native trout and running steelhead in the Pacific Northwest. If you have a drift boat, you're best bet is to hit the water between Warm Springs and Trout Creek. While the drift boat or raft is the best way to make your way down the river, fishing from a boat isn't allowed; so anchor up, get out and wade those riffles.

The Metolius river is one of the most beautiful rivers in the US with crystal clear and always cold waters. The Metolius is broken into a couple different sections; 12 miles of the river above Bridge 99 is fly fishing only, while the lower section is open for more than just fly fishing - either way this entire stretch is one of the most scenic places to fish in Central Oregon.

The Middle Deschutes river, likely the less discussed, is between Bend and Lake Billy Chinook. The access to the river is more difficult than other sections, but there are a few decent spots along the way. The most common access points with fishable water is near Tumalo Falls, Tethrow Crossing, Lower Bridge, and Crooked River Ranch. The most popular time to go fly fishing on the Middle Deschutes is in late April and early May. If you aren't familiar with stone and salmon fly hatches, you're missing out. It's easily the best fishing close to Bend where both browns and wild rainbows eagerly eat the giant sources of protein.

Ochoco creek is a small creek that runs through the middle of Prineville and has a healthy trout population given it's size. With the Crooked River just a few miles away it's hardly a spot to find seclusion, however, it shouldn't be ignored. It's perfect spot for kids who live in Prineville that don't have a car to make it all the way to Crooked River spots.

The Sandy River is fed from Sandy Glacier on Mt. Hood and flows all the way the city of Troutdale, OR where it dumps into the Columbia River. This makes for a perfect cold water home for native and hatchery steelhead and trout. This river is really easy to wade with it's rolling rocky shores and open areas for casting. If you live around Portland it's a quick 30 minute drive, and well worth the trip to catch steelhead without the crowds or need for a boat.

The Siletz river is open year around but is species specific. It's a great spot for Chinook Salmon runs and boasts a native cutthroat trout population. If you're chasing steelhead the best times are between December and March; the fall run starts in September and runs through November. When fishing the Siletz river it's important to remember that a majority of the land surrounding the river is private, which means a drift boat is your only option for some sections of this river. If you're looking for bank access on the Siletz be sure to check out Strome County State Park (this is where the tide stops), Jack County, Ojalla Park or Old Mill Site Parks.

Tumalo Creek is a great little spot to fish for rainbow and brown trout. Fish in these streams are relatively small, however you may find decent size fish in the deeper pools. This is a great Deschutes tributary to pull out the lightweight gear (3/4 weight fly rod).

This section of the Deschutes River which starts from the source that starts at Little Lava Lake is a diverse section that spans all the way to Benham Falls. If you're looking to fish for big browns, try the section between Wickiup Reservoir and Crane Prairie Reservoir - locals refer to this area as Sheep's Bridge. The uppermost section of the Deschutes River is well known for holding the state's record for Brook trout.