Fishing Bend Pine Nursery Pond

Bend Pine Nursery is in the middle of Bend Pine Nursery Park and contains bluegill, bass and stocked rainbow trout. It's a great place to take the kids - be sure to lookout for kids fishing events held in the park each year! While you can fly fish here, you'll find that often times the paths and pets often make it difficult to cast, but don't let that stop you. If you've got a kid that's eager to fish and wants to learn to cast a fly rod, it's a great spot - once they get bored a quick 2 minute walk gets you to the playground!

Bend Pine Nursery Pond Fishing Regulations

  • Two fish per day
  • 8 inch minimum length (trout)

Be sure to check the Fishing Regulations and Emergency Rules  for this area.

Bend Pine Nursery Pond Weather

Fishing Maps of the Bend Pine Nursery Pond

Our Bend Pine Nursery Pond fishing maps show areas we love to fish. If you've never fished here before these are great places to start.

Kids Fishing Pond

Bend Pine Nursery Pond Recommended Flies

The flies we've listed below are some of the locals favorites for this section of the water. If you're interested in learning to tie these flies, we've included links to show you how!

Bend Pine Nursery Pond Stocking Schedule

DateTotal Fish Stocked
March 2020875
September 2022300

Bend Pine Nursery Pond Fishing Reports

There's nothing better than community based reports from people that are on the water! If you're seeing reports from local fly shops and guides please take some time to visit their shops or websites!

Community Reports

Dead fish with white spots

written by

February 29, 2020 - FYI: At pine nursery pond today ands saw about 4 20 inch trout dead in the water with large white spots and saw multiple trrouts swimming near shore with visibly large white spots and so unhealthy looking. What's going on?

Local Fly Shop and Guide Reports

We don't have any guide or fly shop sponsored reviews for Bend Pine Nursery Pond. If you have a blog that covers fishing reports for this please contact us!

Fishing Spots near Bend Pine Nursery Pond

Be sure to check out nearby fishing spots, they're less than 15 miles away from Bend Pine Nursery Pond!